Rome: Illustrating Dante's Inferno
Rome, Italy 2019

Partnered Initiatives

Over the past three years, RISD Global has been developing unique approaches to global engagement through partnerships and collaborations across the world that engage multiple external partners, three or more RISD academic departments, and over two or more years of sustained activity.

In RISD’s approach to global academic engagements, we value:

  • Reciprocal exchanges of ideas and practices across cultures, borders and languages through dialogue, debate and immersive learning experiences.
  • Global engagements that broaden perspectives, decenter experiences and reframe assumptions.
  • Mobility that connects students, faculty and partners with diverse traditions of, and approaches to, making across the world.
We recognize that the best way to achieve these values in globally engaged work is to partner with schools, universities and organizations local to the places our faculty and students are connecting and to co-create and co-lead research, initiatives, and programs together.

Mexico: Color, Mestizaje & Design Futures
Oaxaca, Mexico 2020
European Honors Program
Castelvecchio, Italy 2019

What We've Done

Over 1350 students and 125 faculty have engaged in RISD Global off-campus travel programs and initiatives since 2016. Explore our recent programs and initiatives!

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Recent Partnerships

Recent partnerships have focused on research that has been framed through dialogue with partners in the geographies of focus. The themes of focus support RISD’s strategic vision and goals towards the creation of new ways of making and knowing, more just societies, and a more sustainable approach to cohabiting the planet.

A number of these partnerships have focused on the themes:

  • Craft Practices and Pedagogies in a Global Context
  • Materials Research in-situ
  • Social and Environmental Justice

These themes have been explored in collaboration with a network of partners, which includes universities; art and design schools; non-profit environmental conservation organizations; government agencies; grant making bodies and foundations, and networks of expert individuals and informal local partners in Morocco, Portugal, Guyana, and South Africa.


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Australia: Witness Tree Project
Adelaide, Australia 2020
European Honor Program
Rome, Italy 2020