Japan: Papermaking and Puppet Theater
Tokushima, Japan 2019

Teach Global Summer

Every summer, RISD Global offers a set of multi-disciplinary Global Summer Studios. These 3 week-long, 3 credit courses are led by RISD faculty and engage RISD students, as well as art and design students from other colleges, in the exploration of a wide spectrum of topics related to art, design and global thinking.

RISD Global Summer Studios are a core component of the School's internationalization and global engagement; in the last year's courses engaged with practices and traditions in such geographies as: the Azores, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, South Africa, and South Korea, among others. Each year, at least two Global Summer Studios take place at RISD in Rome.

Application are now closed for summer 2020.

Virtual, Italy | Form, Leather, Color & Craft
Providence, RI, USA
Denmark: Danish Design Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark 2018

Recent Global Summer Studios

Recent Global Summer Studios courses have led students to particular sites in the world to study: biodiversity and the impact of animal poaching on the environment, sustainable materials for the built environment, and contemporary applications of traditional heritages of making in specific cultures and locations of the world. As such, these courses support RISD’s strategic vision to contribute to the creation of just societies, a sustainable planet, and new ways of making and knowing that equip humans to live in mutually enhancing ways with each other and with the earth.

  • Iceland: Artistic Practice in 24-Hour Light - Paul Soulellis (Faculty, RISD Graphic Design)
  • Ireland: Illustrating Myths and Legends in the Burren - Robert Brinkerhoff, (Faculty, RISD Illustration)
  • Japan: Book Shaping and Visual Ideas - Daniel Heyman (Faculty, RISD Printmaking)
  • RISD in ROME: Maps and Stories - Gabriel Feld (Faculty, RISD Architecture) and Ezio Genovesi (Director, RISD in Rome)
  • RISD in ROME: Sensing The City - Paolo Cardini(Faculty, RISD Industrial Design) and Diane Derr (Faculty, VCUQ)
  • South Korea: Housing Hybrids - Rafael Luna (Faculty, RISD Interior Architecture)

Preparation & Research

Leading a Global Summer Studios is a wonderful and challenging experience, to begin to prepare and research this possibility, we encourage faculty to:

  • Meet with RISD Global to learn more about these opportunities.
  • Speak with faculty who have led recent Global Summer Studios courses/seminars.
  • Consider applying for a Global Engagement for Curricular Development grant to support your research towards a course/seminar proposal.
  • Learn more about the course proposal process for Global Summer Studios.

Apply to teach a Global Summer Studios

For summer 2020, all RISD faculty, full- and part-time- are invited to present a proposal for a 3-week off-campus course to be offered between June 3rd and July 25th, 2020.

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Faculty Advising

Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for an advising session to help craft your application.

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South Africa: Art and Science of Conservation
Hoedspruit, South Africa 2018
RISD in Rome: Artistic Practice in Public Space
Rome, Italy 2018