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RISD Global initiates and develops global partnerships that enable new kinds of education opportunities and expand avenues for research and teaching.

Partnerships create exciting possibilities. We collaborate with academic and non-academic partners to create multi-year initiatives around topics of mutual interest. Together we craft opportunities for research, learning, and engagement that take varied forms, from off-campus teaching to research, faculty exchange, co-taught courses, symposia, and exhibitions.

Recent partnerships have focused on such topics as material research and traditions of making. Through these kinds of partnered efforts, we elevate discourse, educate our communities, and create platforms for meaningful dialogue and creative exchange.

Cork Courses Exhibition
Providence, RI, USA 2019

What We've Done

Over 1350 students and 125 faculty have engaged in RISD Global off-campus travel programs and initiatives since 2016. Explore our recent programs and initiatives!

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Students and Faculty

RISD Global is fully remote, but you can still schedule a virtual meeting or advising appointment with the RISD Global team.

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Partnered Initiatives

Over the past three years, RISD Global has been developing unique approaches to global engagement through partnerships and collaborations across the world that engage multiple external partners, three or more RISD academic departments, and over two or more years of sustained activity.

Visiting Scholars

Though not an official program, RISD does welcome interest from potential self-funded Visiting Scholars who wish to spend one semester or one academic year at RISD conducting research that connects to the specific expertise on RISD’s campus.

Visiting Delegations

Each year, RISD hosts numerous visitors and visiting delegations representing universities and art & design schools across the globe, as well as those representing embassies and consulates, non-profit agencies, arts spaces around the world.

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