Rome: Illustrating Dante's Inferno
Rome, Italy 2019

RISD Global advocates for cross-cultural learning and exchange as a way to strengthen creative agency. We shape opportunities for engagement with local communities and diverse traditions of making, and support initiatives to address the challenges, meanings, and relevance of art and design in a global context.

Denmark: Danish Design Workshop
Copenhagen, Denmark 2018
WS2017 Japan: Paper, Temples, Prints
Tokushima, Japan

RISD Global Snapshot: 2018-2019


Global Programs

RISD faculty led 20 short and long-term programs across Africa, Asia, Europe, and South & Central America.


Scholarships awarded

$156,605 given in need-based scholarships are available for all RISD Global programs.


Students participated in global learning programs

78% of the RISD and non-RISD students were undergrad, and 21% grad students.


Faculty members supported in leadership, research and teaching of global curriculum

Through grants, fellowships, and leadership of global learning programs.


Exchange Partner Schools

Student mobility across 43 leading art and design schools and universities across the world


RISD Sites

RISD in Rome, the Palazzetto Cenci, is home base for a range of teaching and learning experiences: RISD’s European Honors Program and Global Summer Studios.


New globally engaged partnered initiatives

That connect RISD with makers in Morocco, Portugal, and the Azores over multiple years and across numerous RISD departments.


Visiting Delegations

RISD hosted visitors ranging from academic partners, to prospective partners, representatives from NGOs, and members of the diplomatic community across the world.


Amount of Incoming Exchange students to RISD

Open to juniors and seniors for Fall or Spring Semester from our 43 partner schools.

What We've Done

Over 1350 students and 125 faculty have engaged in RISD Global off-campus travel programs and initiatives since 2016. Explore our recent programs and initiatives!

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Mission and Values

Our Values

RISD Global values:

  • Reciprocal exchanges of ideas and practices across cultures, borders and languages through dialogue, debate and immersive learning experiences.
  • Global engagements that broaden perspectives, decenter experiences and reframe assumptions.
  • Mobility that connects students, faculty and partners with diverse traditions of, and approaches to, making across the world.

Our Mission

To cultivate and elevate art and design discourse on campus and in the world, we promote and advocate for global literacy, learning and exchange by:

  • supporting, facilitating, and catalyzing faculty-initiated research and teaching
  • connecting with global partners to create opportunities for faculty research and teaching
  • advising students on global learning experiences and supporting them abroad
  • organizing exhibitions and colloquium on special topics
  • hosting international guests on campus

RISD Global's mission and work is in support of the RISD Strategic Plan NEXT: RISD 2020-2027.

Faculty Committees

Global Partners & Programs (GPP) Committee

The GPP Committee advises Academic Affairs in matters concerning planning and the development of policy for academic global activities at RISD.

The committee works towards:

  • Advocating for RISD’s global engagement among faculty and students.
  • Maintaining a clear view of the School’s academic global engagements.
  • Reviewing and making recommendations about new academic programs and partnerships primarily focused on global engagement.
  • Recommending ways to strengthen and create greater access to RISD global learning opportunities for both students and faculty.

In Academic Year 2021-2022, the Committee members include:

European Honors Program (EHP) Committee

The EHP Committee selects the Chief Critic, student participants, and critics. The committee also makes policy recommendations and advocates for EHP.

In Academic Year 2021-2022, the Committee members include:

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