What We've Done

Over 1350 students and 125 faculty have engaged in RISD Global off-campus travel programs and initiatives since 2016. Explore our recent programs and initiatives!

These engagements included RISD Global travel courses, semester programs, faculty grants and fellowships, as well as off-campus components of our multi-year initiatives.

Mexico: Color, Mestizaje & Design Futures
Oaxaca, Mexico 2020
Australia: Witness Tree Project
Adelaide, Australia 2020

Recent Programs and Initiatives


  • Hi/Low Tech – Experimental and Foundation Studies Studio, WS 21


  • Witness Tree Project – Furniture Design & History, Philosophy, and the Social Sciences Studio, WS 20


  • Advanced Studio - Rio de Janeiro – Architecture Studio, FT 17



  • CAFA International Cooperation Workshop Ceramic Art – Ceramics Studio, FT 18


  • Print & History – Printmaking & Theory and History of Art and Design Studio, WS 17



  • Global Field Trip – Architecture Studio, FT 16










Northern Europe


South Africa

South Korea


Sri Lanka


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Recent partnerships have focused on research that has been framed through dialogue with partners in the geographies of focus. The themes of focus support RISD’s strategic vision and goals towards the creation of new ways of making and knowing, more just societies, and a more sustainable approach to cohabiting the planet.

Multi-year Initiatives

  • Morocco: Crafting the City: This pilot program spanned three academic years at RISD and engaged courses, events, and exhibitions that engaged multiple academic departments, divisions, and spaces.

  • Portugal: Resources and Places: Dedicated to place-based investigations of such materials as cork and softwoods, Resources and Places engaged over five academic departments at RISD through on- and off-campus studios, seminars, and exhibitions.

Learn more – Partnered Initiatives

Faculty Fellowships

  • Where is Africa? This extended set of exchanges with contemporary artists, curators, designers, and academics aimed to decolonize the imperialist foundations of both cultural institutions and their anthropological fascination with African objects, people, and places.
  • Global Futures Lab: This series of international workshops aimed at moving beyond stereotypical western visions of the future to invite partners and students at specific locations around the world to imagine the future in their own geo-cultural region.

Faculty Grants

The Global Engagement for Curricular Development grants (GEforCD) uphold RISD’s strategic plan and vision in its support of faculty’s development of curricula that can contribute to the creation of a just society, a sustainable planet, and new ways of making and knowing that equip humans to live in mutually enhancing ways with each other and with the earth.