Bezalel Academy of Art & Design
Jerusalem, Israel 2008

Global Partnered Semester Studies

On Global Partnered Semester Studies opportunities, RISD students can immerse themselves as matriculating students overseas at host institutions either in the Fall or Spring. These programs offer new and significant environments to further edify technical training and exposure new inspiration in an international, cross-cultural context.

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Design Academy Eindhoven (DAE)
Eindhoven, Netherlands 2008
Kyoto Seika University
Kyoto, Japan

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University of Arts London (UAL)

University of the Arts London, is a University comprised of 6 distinct Colleges. Each College has a rich history dating back to the 19th or early 20th century, and each has earned a global reputation for supporting students to produce work of outstanding quality.

Danish Institute for Study-Abroad (DIS)

Studying in Scandinavia, Students will learn how concepts and issues are perceived, lived, and theorized in Europe, and reflect on the cultural norms and values that shape their practice and our overall global society. DIS offers intellectually stimulating courses that challenge learners to examine issues from various perspectives.

John Cabot University (JCU)

JCU offers students the chance to explore Rome as a living laboratory. From Etruscan ruins and the Roman Colosseum to the Christian catacombs and the Vatican, learners will have the chance to study architecture, art, art history, archaeology, history, and religion on location at museums and historic sites.

Temple in Rome

With the Eternal City as the backdrop for interdisciplinary learning and practice, students will have a variety of liberal arts and studio coursework to choose from, in addition to the chance to immerse themselves in distinct Roman culture. Because of its size and extensive facilities, Temple Rome is able to offer a broad array of courses to students from any number of academic backgrounds.


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Providence, RI, USA 2015
National Institute of Design (NID)
Ahmedabad, India 2017