RISD in Seoul
Jeju, South Korea 2017

RISD GLOBAL is a hub for global discourse in art and design. We value cross-cultural exchange and experiences that inspire creative agency.

What We Do

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RISD Global is remote Mondays and Friday, and in-person Tuesday - Thursday.

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Exploring the Art & Science of Biodiversity
Surama, Guyana 2017
WS Italy: Rome from Pantheon to MAAM
Rome, Italy 2017

Study Globally

RISD Global works to create and support a variety of immersive travel, learning, and exchange opportunities for RISD students beyond campus.

Study Globally

Global Summer Studies

RISD Global Summer Studies courses are unique, short-term global learning opportunities, designed and led by RISD faculty. These courses take place for three to five weeks between fall and spring semesters. RISD's global travel course portfolio reflects the school's commitment to community learning edification through an internationalized lens, so that its societal contributions have multicultural contextualization and profound impact. Travel courses are natural extensions of RISD's Providence campus curriculum. Each one provides integral depth to diverse cultural milieu, as well as ways of making, from artists and designers throughout various regions of the world.

Global Summer Studies are open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at RISD or in other art and design institutions worldwide, as well as recent RISD graduates.

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Global Futures Lab
Ahmedabad, India 2017

Teach Globally

RISD Global supports and strengthens faculty practices and pedagogy that focus on global topics and specific geographies.

Teach Globally
Morocco: Crafting the City
Fez, Morocco 2018

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RISD Global advocates for cross-cultural learning and exchange as a way to strengthen creative agency. We shape opportunities for engagement with local communities and diverse traditions of making, and support initiatives to address the challenges, meanings, and relevance of art and design in a global context.

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Whether you are just starting to plan a study abroad experience or you’re about to submit your application, if you're seeking to study in a specific location around the world we are here to help!

We can give you more information about your study options, help you figure out which program makes sense for you, and assist you with the application process.

Check out when and how you can reach us, below!

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European Honors Program
Rome, Italy 2016

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Argentina: Hi/Low Tech
Buenos Aires, Argentina 2017
Xu Bing
Providence, RI, USA 2019