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Global Summer Studios 2020: General Infosession


RISD Global presents the 2020 Global Summer Studios, as well as information on the registration, payment, and scholarship processes.

RISD Global Summer Studios are 3-week art and design travel courses, led by RISD faculty, that are designed to broaden perspectives, de-center experiences, and reframe assumptions by exploring the intersections of crafts, art, and design as they manifest around the world.

For summer 2020, RISD Global will offer 7 creative and culturally immersive art and design courses: 3 at RISD's campus in Rome, as well as 4 in other diverse locations around Europe and Asia.

All courses offer 3 RISD academic credits. Registration is first-come, first-serve and will open on January 13th, 2020.

Global Summer Studios are open to undergraduate and graduate students currently enrolled at RISD or in other art and design institutions worldwide, as well as recent graduates and now professionals practicing in the field.

This event will present on the following courses:

RISD Events
Iceland: Artistic Practice in 24-Hour Light
Reykjavík, Iceland 2017
Azores: Walk and Work with Wood
Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal 2019
European Honors Program
Rome, Italy 2018

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