Past Event

Shared Languages: Crafting Cross Cultural Exchange - Day Two


The two-day symposium Shared Languages: Crafting Cross Cultural Exchange will focus on platforms, programs and models established to create meaningful and reciprocal learning exchanges among art and design students, educators and artisans across the globe.

Key themes explored through panels include: the transmission of craft and design knowledge across communities of makers towards innovation and sustainability of all disciplines; platforms to create cross-cultural learning and exchange across design and craft educations; preservation and sharing of craft traditions and knowledge; and the role of craft within the built environment.

The pilot program includes a five-week travel course in Morocco for students to study craft in relationship to the built environment in Fés, a full semester on-campus course focused on the intersections of patterns within craft and the built environment, a seminar on craft in the Islamic world, and a one-week residency for members of Morocco’s craft community to be held on RISD’s campus. Each aspect of the program engages the RISD community with the depth and richness of craft in Morocco today while also showcasing the value of craft know-how and the role of craft within the built environment. A core goal of the program is to foster cross-cultural learning and exchange across languages, socio-economic realities and geographies.

Shared Languages Panel
Providence, RI, USA 2018

Preservation and Dissemination, Craft Today

Panel Three, 10:30am—1:00pm

The speakers on this panel will explore the modes of preservation and dissemination that can occur when design and craft practices, pedagogies, and collaborations occur. As with all panels, speakers will also look at the great opportunities and real challenges in this work.

Marva Griffin Wilshire, Creator and Curator, Salone Satellite; Jang Youngsuk, Director, Arumjigi Foundation, Seoul, South Korea; Imane Bouchentouf, Architect, Ministry of Tourism, Air Transport, Handicrafts and Social Economy, Morocco; Laura Briggs, Faculty, RISD Architecture; Jasper Chadprajong-Smith, faculty, RISD Apparel Design.