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RISD EHP remains suspended for academic year 2021-22. Please contact the RISD Global office to discuss possible alternatives for study in Rome.

Read more in our announcement here.

European Honors Program
Sardinia, Italy 2019
European Honors Program
Rome, Italy 2020

How to Apply

The entire application process will be completed using an online application portal. You will be able to upload, request and submit all required documents and recommendations there.

Infosessions & Advising
Prior to applying, we recommend that you attend an information session held on campus and/or attend at least one 1:1 advising session with the RISD Global Learning Advisor.

RISD EHP remains suspended for academic year 2021-22. Please contact the RISD Global office to discuss possible alternatives for study in Rome.

Am I eligible?

You can attend EHP during your junior or senior year (or anytime if you are a grad). You must have a 3.0 GPA to apply. Students enrolled in Brown University’s Visual Art + Architecture concentrations are also welcome to apply. Brown University students, see more information below.

To apply, you must demonstrate general qualifications of maturity and motivation. You must also demonstrate a strong commitment to and interest in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approaches, the ability to work on self-directed studio projects, and a flexible approach towards studio practice, based on a cross-disciplinary, group-based, and equipment-low environment. Finally, you must remain in good standing at RISD, in terms of conduct and finances, up until and throughout your time on the program.

GPA Requirement: Exception to Academic Policy

Students seeking an exception to the GPA requirement academic policy should contact the Registrars’ Office at with any questions.

Read through the application steps listed below to ensure you're preparing the best application for EHP.

Step 1: Research
Prior to starting your application, we recommend learning more about the program by attending an information session held on campus and/or scheduling a 1:1 advising session with the RISD Global Learning Advisor. Schedule an appointment here.

Step 2: Advisor/Department Head Approval
You will be asked to request your Advisor and Department Head’s approval through the online application portal, but it’s best to meet beforehand in person to discuss your intention to join the program and how your EHP credits will complement your overall academic plan. Your Advisor and Department Head can also assist you in deciding which semester is best for students from your department to attend an off-campus semester at EHP.

Step 3: Begin your application online
Applications are always submitted the semester before you plan to attend. Once you’re sure attending EHP in the upcoming semester is right for you, read through the Application Materials list below, then open your online application. *NOTE: when you click on the Apply Now link, you will be directed to the RISD Admissions application portal. Click "Returning users: Log in to continue an application" and you will be given the option to start or continue an application for EHP. All RISD students should have an account from when they applied to RISD. If you don’t know your password, click “forgot password” to reset. If you are unsuccessful accessing your account, please contact Brown University students, please create a new account.

Once you open your application you will be considered an active applicant and will begin to receive reminders of when and how to submit by the application deadline.

In the portal you will find all required materials listed with instructions on how to submit each one. Carefully review all instructions before submitting, so you can ensure that your application will satisfy all requirements.

Step 4: Request Recommendations + Approvals
As soon as you open your application you should visit the References + Approvers section and submit your requests for your Faculty Recommendations and Academic Advisor and Department Head approvals. Your faculty, Advisor, and Department Head need time to submit their approval/recommendation through the portal, so by completing this step right away, you’re ensuring they have as much time as possible to submit before the deadline. Don’t leave this step until the last minute! Don’t even leave it until the last week.

Step 5: Upload all materials and submit
Once your recommendations and approvals are requested, take your time to thoughtfully prepare the rest of your application materials, outlined below. Take proactive steps to ensuring your materials are as strong as possible.

We recommend you visit the Center for Arts + Language to review your written materials with a peer tutor. They offer peer tutoring for all kinds of writing at any stage of the process including brainstorming ideas, outlining, drafting, restructuring, and practicing error correction. RISD Careers offers tips and examples for resume writing on their website.

Review the portfolio pieces you plan to submit with your Advisor or another trusted faculty member or friend. Having another set of eyes on your materials can help you see your application better from an outside perspective, strengthening your application as a whole package.

When everything is just how you want it, submit! You will begin to receive updates from RISD Global by email on the status of your application and the review process.

Step 6: Scholarship
You will notice that the application questions for the EHP Travel Scholarship Funds are included as a part of your application. If you choose to answer these questions your application will be considered and your award decision will be included in your admission decision letter.

You may also apply external (non-RISD) scholarship awards to your time at EHP - this program qualifies for any scholarship awarded for “study abroad” as well as most scholarships awarded for undergraduate study, as you continue to pay your regular tuition to RISD. Visit the External Scholarships page to learn more about recommended non-RISD scholarships. Begin your search now, as their deadlines may be fast approaching.

Step 7: Check Passport Validity
Participation in EHP requires a valid passport and an Italian Study Abroad Visa (for all non-EU citizens). Get a jump start on this process by ensuring that your passport expiration date falls at least 6 months after your return from your semester in Rome.

Don’t have a Passport? US Citizens can visit to apply.

Passport expired or will expire shortly? Begin the renewal process immediately! US Citizens can visit to renew. International Citizens, contact your local embassy or consulate to renew.

Don’t delay the process of checking your travel documents for validity. The Italian visa application process has a very tight turnaround following your acceptance and your failure to possess valid travel documents may jeopardize your ability to participate in EHP.

How do I get help preparing my application?

RISD Global holds several application prep session, check our event page and you can schedule a 1:1 advising session with RISD Global – we are happy to help! The Center for Arts and Language is also a great resource for help with your statement of purpose. You might also ask a trusted advisor or faculty to review your portfolio, many folks around campus are familiar with EHP. Check the list of recent Chief Critics or ask your department head or advisor for suggestions.

Are there students I can talk with about their experiences?

Throughout the EHP program pages on this website you’ll find quotes and testimonials from RISD students who have done the EHP program. We also often host infosessions and in-person/virtual events (such as student panels, Instagram live Q&A, etc.) that feature EHP alumni voices. You are also more than welcome to schedule a 1:1 advising appointment with our Global Learning Advisor who can connect you with returned EHP alumni who have agreed to share their experiences.

You will submit all required elements listed below through the online application portal:

Statement of purpose (max 500 words) This written statement prepared for the EHP Faculty Committee should address the following:

  • Why you are a strong candidate for EHP, based upon your previous experience, academic performance, and proposed ideas for independent practice for your time in Rome
  • How you imagine this independent studio-based program benefitting the development of your art and design practice
  • Your commitment to and/or interest in interdisciplinary/cross-disciplinary approaches to studio work
  • Your interest in working within the cultural and historical/contemporary context of Rome, Italy and Europe
  • Your ability to succeed within an independently-focused studio environment, with site-specific resources, beyond the reliance on particular equipment and/or materials

Portfolio A selection of 10-15 images of your work (JPEG, PDF, video files, or website links are accepted). The pieces you select should reflect projects you would like to pursue while in Rome, and/or your strongest, most recent major and non major-related, academic and/or personal work. Include titles, descriptions, and descriptive text for each portfolio piece in the appropriate spaces provided. Text saved as a part of the image may be difficult to read or see.

Approval from Department Head + Academic Advisor (requested and sent through References + Approvals section). If your Department Head and Academic Advisor are the same person, both approvals will be sent as one.

Two Faculty Letters of Recommendation (requested and sent through References + Approvals section). Must be provided by RISD Faculty who have instructed you within the last calendar year. Your Department Head/Advisor may also serve as faculty recommenders, if they have instructed you within the last calendar year.

Resume/CV A place to showcase relevant language/work/volunteer/internship experiences, your skillset, and other interests or areas of expertise.

Unofficial Transcript PDF downloaded from WebAdvisor.

Applications are accepted twice a year, in April and October, for students traveling to Rome the following semester. Apply the semester before you attend. You can find the upcoming deadlines in the “At-a-Glance” orange box on the EHP landing page for your semester of interest.

How is selection done, and who makes it?

Academic application review and final selection is completed by the EHP Faculty Committee. Scholarship application review and selection is completed by Student Financial Services, and is kept completely separate from the academic review and selection process.

Following the EHP application deadline all complete and eligible applications will be reviewed by the EHP Faculty Committee members individually over the course of approximately one week. Once all committee members have reviewed all applications individually, they will meet as a group to make final selections for the incoming EHP semester cohort. As part of the selection process, the committee pays particular attention to your statement of purpose and portfolio. The aim of the committee is to bring together a mature, diverse, and cross-departmental group of students each semester.

How will I be notified of my admission decision?

RISD Global will release decisions on behalf of the EHP Committee to your application portal, typically within 7-10 days of the application deadline. The online application portal will announce an update on your application status by email at this time. If you applied for RISD EHP Travel Scholarship Funds, your admission letter from the EHP Faculty Committee will include an update on your scholarship application status.

  • If accepted to EHP, you will have approximately one week to confirm your acceptance. Pay close attention to the official acceptance confirmation deadline in your admission decision letter.
  • If waitlisted to EHP, you will be notified should an accepted student not confirm their status or withdraw after confirmation.
  • If not accepted to EHP, you are welcome to improve your application materials and apply again for a future semester, if your academic plan allows.

Once accepted, can I defer or withdraw?

Deferral is not possible, but you may reapply the following semester if you are unable to confirm your acceptance. Read the “Withdrawing from a RISD Off-Campus Global Learning Program” policy to learn more about withdrawal after your acceptance.

Once accepted, can I extend EHP into a second semester?

Yes. As a matter of fact, EHP was founded and existed for over 45 years as a year-long program. Some EHP students apply for extension – contact RISD Global to initiate this process. You will also need the support of your department to do so.

If I’m waitlisted or rejected, and I want to reapply, do I have to complete a new application?

If you would like to apply again for the following semester, you will have to complete a new application.

How many students apply? How many get in?

Selection is based on the quality of your application and although there is a program cap of 22 students, most applicants who thoughtfully prepare their applications do get in.

EHP is open to all Brown University Visual Art + Architecture concentrations in their junior or senior year. Before applying you must obtain approval from your academic advisor and Visual Art/Architecture Department Chair.

This approval will be formally requested through the online application portal. Accepted Brown University visiting students then become RISD transfer students for one semester. Please consult the Brown University Office of International Programs and Financial Aid Office to determine how your tuition + fee payments for Brown University will be transferred to RISD for the European Honors Program.

Admission is highly selective and preference will be given to RISD students. Please read carefully through the application materials and steps above to make sure you are preparing your application to the best of your ability.

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1:1 Advising Session

Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for a 1:1 advising session. We can give you more information about your study options, help you figure out which program makes sense for you, and assist you with the application process.

Schedule an Appointment

Application Prep Resources

Video Tutorial

We're excited to share this new Video Tutorial:

EHP Statement of Purpose Writing Workshop with RISD Center for A&L

Check out the video above and follow along with our EHP Writing and Revising Prompts. Then complete our survey to give us your feedback!

Next Steps for Accepted Students

Once you confirm your acceptance to EHP, the RISD Registrar will begin your enrollment in EHP coursework and de-enroll you from your on-campus courses for the appropriate semester. RISD Global will guide you through the visa application and pre-departure processes. These processes include:

Don’t have a Passport? US Citizens can visit to apply. Contact RISD Global ASAP if you don't have a valid passport and it's close to the application deadline.

Passport expired or will expire shortly? Begin the renewal process immediately! US Citizens can visit to renew. International Citizens, contact your local embassy or consulate to renew.

Don’t delay the process of checking your travel documents for validity. The Italian visa application process has a very tight turnaround following your acceptance and your failure to possess valid travel documents may jeopardize your ability to participate in EHP.

RISD Global will oversee the visa and resident permit processes, in collaboration with you and our team in Rome, once you are accepted in the program.

These documents include important visa, roommate selection, and health and safety processes. You are responsible for checking the portal frequently and completing these tasks in a timely manner once accepted to EHP.