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On behalf of the EHP Committee and Academic Affairs, RISD Global is currently accepting applications for the Chief Critic role for RISD in Rome’s European Honors Program, AY2020-2021.

Full- and part-time faculty from all divisions are invited to apply to be the RISD Chief Critic in the School’s European Honors Program (EHP) in Rome.

European Honors Program
Rome, Italy 2018

Eligibility & Requirements

Full- and part-time faculty from all divisions are invited to apply to be the RISD Chief Critic in the School’s European Honors Program (EHP) in Rome for one full academic year. In addition to a demonstrated interest in working closely with students from various disciplines, applicants must have:

  • Full-time faculty: Must have three years and 18 TU's experience as a full-time faculty member at RISD.
  • Part-time faculty: Must have an accumulated 18 TU's of service as a part-time faculty member at RISD.

Knowledge of Italy and Italian is also desirable, but not necessary. Ability and willingness to be flexible is essential.

Deadline for applications for AY2020-2021 is November 15, 2019

Interested Faculty must send, via email, a statement of intent (approx. 1-3 pages) and curriculum vitae by November 15, 2019 to with “CHIEF CRITIC APPLICATION” in the email subject line.

Application Process & Materials

  • Your name, your current title at RISD, academic department that is your home base at RISD.
  • Your approach to guiding a group of approx. 22 students from across all RISD departments in a studio-based, independent-study semester that is intended to immerse the students in their practices (within and beyond their disciplines of focus), in the city of Rome, and in the context of Italy and Europe.
  • Your interest in working closely with students from various disciplines and departments at RISD.
  • Your specific expertise, experience and interests you will bring to benefit the EHP Program in Rome and the two student cohorts (Fall ‘20 & Spring ‘21). Why you? Why now?
  • Your specific interests in being the Chief Critic for RISD’s Rome-based program at this time. Why Rome today?
    Address why, and how, you think students in the program will benefit from your leadership as Chief Critic.

As the role of Chief Critic is a highly immersive, one-year long, off-campus experience, we encourage you to discuss your plans to apply with your department Chair and/or your Dean. We also encourage all applicants to learn more about the program by talking to previous Chief Critics and members of the EHP Committee and by visiting the RISD in Rome section of our website.

Special Note

Academic Year 2020-2021 is the 60th anniversary of RISD in Rome and the European Honors Program. There will be specially organized events in Providence and Rome to celebrate this great milestone. The Chief Critic for AY2020-2021 will be expected to participate in the Rome-based events and to potentially become involved in some aspects of their planning and realization. If this is not of interest to you, please hold your application until future years.

Selection & Next Steps

  1. Candidates receive confirmation of receipt of their application within 48 hours (business days) of submission.
  2. Short-listed candidates are notified by email within one month. Please note: The EHP Committee hold the Chief Critic interviews during their December meeting: date tbc.
  3. Candidates who are invited to interview and who will not be on-campus are welcome to join via Skype.
  4. If invited, you proceed to interview. Those not short-listed are welcome to meet with the Executive Director of RISD Global and/or the Dean of Faculty for feedback on your application materials.
  5. The voting members of the EHP Committee make a recommendation to the Provost for the rising Chief Critic based on application materials and interviews.
  6. Interviewed candidates will be notified of the outcome of their application prior to Wintersession semester.
  7. The confirmation and appointment of the rising Chief Critic is made during Wintersession for the following academic year. Appointment is made by the Provost, upon recommendation of the EHP Committee.
  8. The rising Chief Critic makes a pre-visit to RISD in Rome during Spring semester, during which time they give a talk on their work and interest in Rome, meet the Rome team, attend crits with current EHP students, and generally become familiar with our site, the city, and community.
  9. Throughout Spring semester, the rising Chief Critic works with Academic Affairs and RISD Global to prepare to take on the role of Chief Critic and complete their visa application process with the support of the RISD in Rome team.

Faculty Advising

Faculty advising blurb goes here: Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for an advising session to help craft your application.

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