Daniel Heyman Selected as EHP Chief Critic in Rome for AY 2020/21

Posted: February 13, 2020

RISD's European Honors Program Committee, RISD Global and Academic Affairs are delighted to announce that Daniel Heyman (Faculty, RISD Printmaking) has been selected to serve as the EHP Chief Critic at RISD in Rome for Academic Year 2020/2021.

As well as being a well-renowned artist, Daniel Heyman has taught in the RISD Printmaking department as Senior Critic since 2004. Over the past decade, Heyman has led hundreds of students in 10 RISD travel courses to Japan over 2 Summer and 8 Wintersession semesters, focusing his teaching in paper-making, book-shaping and Japanese traditional puppetry art. His most recent RISD travel course - Japan: Paper, Temples & Prints, co-taught with Liberal Arts faculty Elena Varshavskaya in January 2020, celebrates the eighth edition of this very extraordinary travel course to Japan, one of the most long-standing global programs for RISD. Heyman is looking forward to working with RISD students from across all departments as they each discover their own Rome.

Daniel Heyman Faculty Bio