Call for Global Summer Studios: Graduate Student Teaching/Resident Assistants!

Posted: January 28, 2020

RISD Global is seeking to hire three graduate students to serve as Teaching/Resident Assistants for Global Summer Studios 2020 travel courses - 3-week, 3 credit courses happening in June - July 2020.

All RISD graduate students who meet the following general requirements are eligible to apply for any of the TA positions above:

  • Not graduating by May 2020 (must be continuing enrollment at RISD as a student in Fall 2020).
  • Strong organizational skills and maturity to supervise students in a dormitory setting and during travel, both local and regional
  • Ability to track and report progress of student's work and their use of the studios
  • Travel experience, local language proficiency and deep knowledge of the course region are not required, but they are a definite plus.
Courses seeking graduate Teaching/Resident Assistants include:
From Seed to Cloth: The Mindful Approach to Craft in Thailand
Faculty: Jasper Chadprajong-Smith, Apparel (
Additional preferences/requirements to apply:
  • A respect for Southeast Asian culture
  • Working knowledge of the Thai language would be VERY useful for this position.
  • Flexible in withstand/working in hot weather (80+ Fahrenheit).
  • Previous experience working with the community / artisanal group would be helpful.
  • Knowledge in meditation/mindfulness approach to craft making.
  • An interest in ‘slowness and sustainability’ practice.
  • An interest in fashion and artisanal textiles.
RISD in Rome: Form, Leather, Color and CraftFaculty: Anne Verploegh Chasse, Industrial Design ( preferences/requirements to apply:
  • Design or Architecture department preferred; or someone super excited to come along on this adventure with some love for LEATHER!
  • Italian language skills preferred.
  • Knowledge of the region (Rome) preferred.
RISD in Rome: Perspectives on PiranesiFaculty: Nick De Pace, Interior Architecture (
Additional preferences/requirements to apply:
  • Applicant should display competencies in free-hand drawing and outdoor field drawing within the sketchbook.
  • A fondness and familiarity with the artist Giovanni Battista Piranesi is appreciated.
  • Applicant should be familiar, but not necessarily fluent in Italian language, customs and topography of our host city, Rome.
TO APPLY (to one or more positions): Email course faculty, no later than Sunday February 2nd, a short statement describing why you would be a good match for this position and why you are interested in joining that specific travel course as grad TA.
Position Summary: Prior to applying, please carefully read the RISD "Faculty-led: Short Term Off Campus Programs" policy.The Graduate Teaching/Resident Assistant will receive a stipend, and will be provided by RISD with accommodation, food expenses, airfare to location, international medical insurance, and phone costs. All activities fees/expenses during program time will also be covered by RISD. As per the RISD "Faculty-led: Short Term Off Campus Programs" policy, the Graduate Teaching/Resident Assistant is required to stay with the students in the same housing, even during free time & weekends. Overnight trips outside the course locations are not permitted. The Teaching/Resident Assistant must remain at the course location for the duration of the course. The Graduate Teaching/Resident Assistant, as second responsible adult, is on call 24/7 until every student has returned home safely. They must be able to make/receive time-sensitive calls from students, RISD officials and others related to health and safety incidents. The Graduate Teaching/Resident Assistant is responsible to ensure that their phone functions on location. Phone costs will be covered by RISD. They must provide their contact number to students, collect the group’s contact information and ensure they are reachable 24/7. For more information/questions about the position and/or application process please contact RISD Global at