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Berlin and Utrecht: Paper; Print; Sumi Drawing

This class concentrated on the role of the artist using traditional tools - ink drawings, paper formation and printmaking - through which students recorded their observations and began to think about global issues in visual terms.


Wintersession Travel Course
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Leipzig, Germany
  • Utrecht, Netherlands
Winter 2023

Estimated dates—final dates to be announced.

Course Dates: Jan 3, 2023 — Jan 23, 2023

Open to RISD students, Brown University students

Minimum 2.5 GPA required. First year students are not eligible for this course.

  • Printmaking
  • Papermaking
Academic Credits
  • Printmaking

Estimated cost—final cost to be announced.

Includes accommodation, field trips, local transportation, some meals, museum entrances, health and travel insurance. Airfare is not included.

About this travel course

Course Description

This class concentrated on the role of the artist using traditional tools - ink drawings, paper formation and printmaking - through which students recorded their observations and began to think about global issues in visual terms. Through participation in 3 independent intensive workshops, students made sumi ink drawings in Utrecht in preparation for two workshops in Berlin making paper, and then made prints on that paper using the sumi drawings as the start of their design. Students visited museums in Amsterdam, Leipzig and Berlin pertaining to both art and war, as well as three of the world’s pre-eminent contemporary woodblock artists, Christiane Baumgartner, in Leipzig and Thomas Kilpper and Eva Pietzcker in Berlin. In addition, by traveling to The Netherlands and Germany, students gained important perspectives on the international art world by visiting local and unique historic and contemporary collections, galleries and artist studios. These workshops gave RISD students direct experience working in one of the world’s historic fulcrums for both art and conflict where they gained perspectives on both experiences not available on campus.

RISD Students Investigate Traditional Printmaking Techniques in Europe

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