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Mexico: The Environment - The Flora and Fauna of Cuernavaca

In this travel course we will work and live in Cuernavaca, and Oaxaca Mexico.


Wintersession Travel Course
  • Cuernavaca, Mexico
  • Oaxaca, Mexico
Winter 2009

Course Dates: Jan 5, 2009 — Feb 13, 2009

Open to RISD students, Brown University students
Academic Credits
  • History, Philosophy, & Social Sciences
  • Printmaking
Course Numbers
  • PRINT W479

Full Course Description

In this travel course we will work and live in Cuernavaca, and Oaxaca Mexico. The content and imagery for this class will focus on the amazing landscape and plant forms of this ancient land. From the stark, dry desert to tropical forests, students will be inspired by a landscape so very different than that of New England. A large personal travel journal will be required as well as individual art works ranging in media. Drawing. Painting, printmaking, photography, collage and installation will be encouraged. Group critiques on the work will be held weekly. Weekly tours of the regions will inspire work and personal growth. Several tours will be taken to Mexico City, including the National Archeological Museum and Casa Azul, the former home and studio of Frida Kahlo.

Program Details

Wintersession Travel Courses are open to all RISD + Brown University students. To apply for a Wintersession Travel Course, you must:

  • attend an infosession with faculty (general or course-specific)
  • have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application (Note: Students seeking exception to this academic policy should contact the Registrar at with any questions.)
  • be in good standing in terms of conduct and finances
  • First year students must provide approval from the Dean of Experimental & Foundation Studies as part of their applications.
  • Brown University students are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to RISD students.

Per Student Financial Service requirements, students who plan to travel on school-sponsored trips must first pay their student account in full. Students with an account balance are ineligible for travel and may forfeit any funds already used to book travel arrangements. Contact Student Financial Services at with any questions.

Co-Requisite Courses

Must be taken in conjunction with HPSS C524 or ARTH C524.

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