Where is Africa? Panel
Providence, RI, USA 2019

RISD Global supports and strengthens faculty research, practice, and pedagogy that focus on global topics and specific geographies.

In order to foster these crucial connections, RISD Global offers:

  • Travel grants that provide faculty with material resources to engage with global traditions and technologies, and to develop courses and curricula from this research.
  • Off-campus teaching opportunities that give faculty the space and flexibility to propose and lead courses in Rome and across the world.
  • The Global Faculty Fellowship, which is designed to facilitate and catalyze faculty-initiated research projects that deepen practice and seed future projects and grant proposals around critical global topics.

Global Future Lab
Ahmedabad, India 2017

Faculty Opportunities


RISD Global and the Dean of Faculty collaborate each year to support RISD faculty (full- and part-time) to develop globally engaged curriculum for on- or off-campus programs and courses.

Global Fellowship

The RISD Global Faculty Fellowship supports RISD’s strategic plan NEXT: RISD 2020-2027’s commitment to making lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship, and innovation.

EHP Chief Critic

Since 1960, RISD full- and part-time faculty from across the School have taken on the role of RISD in Rome's European Honors Program (EHP) Chief Critic.

Teach Wintersession

Every January during Wintersession semester, RISD faculty offer multi-disciplinary off-campus global learning travel courses. Wintersession travel courses are 4 to 5 week long courses led by RISD faculty that bring together RISD students from across disciplines in the exploration of a wide spectrum of topics related to art, design and global thinking.

Teach Global Summer

Every summer, RISD Global offers a set of multi-disciplinary Global Summer Studios. These 3 week-long, 3 credit courses are led by RISD faculty and engage RISD students, as well as art and design students from other colleges, in the exploration of a wide spectrum of topics related to art, design and global thinking.

Lead a Global Field Trip

Global field trips are travel learning experiences embedded within on-campus studios, courses and seminar taught during Fall and Spring semester. They are led by RISD faculty and promoted through the department offering the course.

Faculty Stories

Read more about Research and Teach in RISD News:

  • Faculty Foster Global Engagement – Six faculty members are conducting research in Central and South America, Asia and Europe with the goal of developing expansive new courses reflective of global realities.
  • Fostering Global Futures – As a Global Faculty Fellow, Associate Professor Paolo Cardini is promoting pluralistic dialogue about the future through an ongoing series of international workshops.
  • Engaging with Portuguese Design – A fascinating exhibition at RISD showcases contemporary work using traditional materials and techniques and kicks off a multiyear collaboration between RISD and several organizations in Portugal.
  • Reframing African Identities – Assistant Professor of Architecture Emanuel Admassu researches how evolving notions of global art and design play out across the African diaspora.