Global Futures Lab
Ahmedabad, India 2017

Global Fellowship

The RISD Global Faculty Fellowship supports RISD’s strategic plan NEXT: RISD 2020-2027’s commitment to making lasting contributions to a global society through critical thinking, scholarship, and innovation.

Global Faculty Fellows’ work and outcomes support the plan’s goal for RISD’s community to contribute to the creation of just societies and new ways of making and knowing, with some fellows' work addressing new pathways towards a sustainable planet.

For full- and part-time faculty members, the fellowship program is designed to facilitate research, teaching, social justice and public engagement that focuses on the intersections between globalization and art and design.

Application has been extended for the Global Faculty Fellowship, apply by January 3, 2020.

"Where is Africa?" Panel
Providence, RI, USA 2019
Global Future Lab
Ahmedabad, India 2017

Global Faculty Fellowship

During the one-year appointment, the Global Faculty Fellow will receive a teaching release (full-time faculty) or stipend (part-time faculty) to spend time in residence at RISD Global’s office, where they receive administrative support for events and programs related to their Fellowship. Each Fellow spends additional time embedded within an off-campus site relevant to their research. The time off-campus can take place during the period of the fellowship or outside the academic year. A goal for the off-campus component of the fellowship is to more deeply engage colleagues (and potential partners) outside of RISD with research and teaching connected to global discourse as it relates to art and design practices.

The Fellow, working with the RISD Global office, will develop ways to share, make visible, and present their work and engagements during the off-site portion to RISD communities in Providence and across the world. Through this program, the Fellow will bring to campus a diverse set of perspectives and expertise on the broad topic, as well as their own research.

The Global Faculty Fellowship program espouses RISD Global's values and contributes to the School's mission and vision for academic global engagement.

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The RISD Global Faculty Fellowship should enhance and advance the Faculty Fellow’s own research, creative, scholarly and/or social justice work, and teaching practices, as well as the educational mission of RISD at-large and in the world.

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Past Global Faculty Fellowships

Global Futures Lab

RISD’s Global Futures Lab is a series of international workshops aimed at moving beyond stereotypical western visions of the future to invite partners and students at specific locations around the world to imagine the future in their own geo-cultural region.

Where is Africa?

Art, Architecture, and Design across Africa and within the Diaspora

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Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for an advising session to help craft your application.

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