Japan: Ayako Takase
Hokuriku, Japan 2019


RISD Global and the Dean of Faculty collaborate each year to support RISD faculty (full- and part-time) to develop globally engaged curriculum for on- or off-campus programs and courses.

The Global Engagement for Curricular Development grants (GEforCD) uphold RISD’s strategic plan and vision in its support of faculty’s development of curricula that can contribute to the creation of a just society, a sustainable planet, and new ways of making and knowing that equip humans to live in mutually enhancing ways with each other and with the earth.

GeforCD grant supports (full- and part-time) faculty to travel to a site to develop curriculum that will be delivered on- or off-campus at RISD. The grant specifically supports faculty who are seeking to create new courses and seminars that:

  • demonstrate knowledge of the relationship between local and global issues,
  • use knowledge of diverse cultural frames of reference, practice and alternate perspectives to think critically and solve problems,
  • underscore the importance of openness to cultural difference and ambiguity,
  • asks, with our students, what are the most pressing global issues of our times and how can artists and designers respond to these to create change and positive impact, and
  • interrogates the relationship between globalization, its flows, networks and frictions, and art and design practices today.
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Tanzania: Between Content and Container
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2018
South Africa: Art and Science of Conservation
Hoedspruit, South Africa 2018

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In Academic Year 2019-2020, the fund will support selected full- and part-time faculty to travel off-campus to conduct research that leads to future, globally engaged curriculum for on- or off-campus programs and courses.

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Past Grant Recipients

  • Peter Dean (FURN) & Jonathan Knowles (ARCH), Costa Rica: GEforCD grant to research their collaborative project towards developing curriculum that will engage RISD students, both on- and off-campus, with affordable solutions for sustainable dwellings in collaboration with your proposed partner “Project Transition” in Costa Rica, which is a part of the Sustainability Lab. During their grant-supported research, they intend to meet with the “Project Transition” team, and to meet members of the Martina Bustos community, with whom Project Transition works; survey the existing infrastructures and building know-how within the community, and learn more about the viability of affordable, sustainable housing solutions within that context through learning from partners and the community.
  • Eric Anderson (THAD), India & Japan: GEforCD grant provided partial support for Prof. Anderson's research project: “Ulm in the World: Global Networks of Modern Design”. The grant was used to offset some of the costs associated with the research necessary in India and Japan. The outcomes of the grant will contribute to a publication on global design histories, as well as inform multiple courses and curriculum at RISD.
  • Eric Telfort (ILLUS), Japan: the GEforCD grant supports the development of curriculum for RISD students that will engage them with the traditions and contemporary practices within the fields of Manga and Anime in Japan and internationally. The grant will support a research visit to Japan to enable Prof. Telfort to: become familiar with RISD’s partner schools Kyoto Seika and Tama Art University and to research and learn about their Mange and Anime curriculum; to conduct research towards a potential RISD travel course to Japan focused on Manga and Anime; further develop your professional and artistic networks around the Manga and Anime industries in Japan, and research potential people (artists, industry professionals) related to Manga and Anime whom you could invite to RISD to engage with courses and/or lead workshops in the future.
  • Paola Dematte (THAD), Mexico & Guatemala: the GEforCD grant supports research towards Prof. Dematte's project “Writing, iconography and symbolism in Maya regions of Guatemala and Mexico." The grant enables a research visit to view archaeological materials in both locations, in-situ and in museums, as well as connect with contemporary textiles artisans and makers. The planned applications of Prof. Dematte's research may include: revising an older curriculum on writing and calligraphy, developing a potential new co-taught course on writing materials, and contributing to a curriculum on global issues in World Archaeology.
  • Catherine Andreozzi (APPAREL), Indonesia. The GEforCD grant supports Prof. Anderozzi in launching a multi-year curriculum development project: “Sacred Cloths of Bali." Through the grant, Prof. Anderozzi will conduct on-site visits to specific sites, locations and workshops in order to deepen her understanding of cloth and textiles techniques and applications in Bali; to understand the best potential partners for a future travel course, and to become more familiar with the techniques of cloth making in Bali to reference these in on-campus Apparel courses. Through these efforts, Prof. Anderozzi will expand the engagement of curriculum to include South Asia.
  • Alexia Kosmider (LAS), The GEforCD grant will support Prof. Kosmider's development of a potential new summer course that focuses on the decolonialization of indigeneity. Prof. Kosmider's particular site of exploration and study is the Crow Nation, located in central Wyoming near the Big Horn Mountains. The eventual course and curriculum will explore the Crow Nation's development of a renewed sense of struggle for social justice by their efforts to reshape the ways in which indigeneity serves as a foundation for community values, tribal histories, and tribal belief systems.
  • Ayako Takase. Assistant Professor. Industrial Design. GEforCD grant to research the potential for an off-campus global learning course to engage students with both experimental design collectives in Japan and small-scale artisan communities in rural areas. The course will seek to explore collaborations and potential collaborations between these two sectors. Meanwhile, the research conducted in Japan informs Prof. Takase's teaching in RISD's Industrial Design department.
  • Silvia Acosta. Professor. Architecture. GEforCD grant to prepare the curriculum and to establish the partnerships for a studio course in Oaxaca, Mexico to take place in WS2020. With this research grant, Silvia focused on solidifying a partnership with Root Studio, which is committed to earthen architecture as a sustainable material in architectures globally and specific to Mexico.
  • Jasper Chadprajong-Smith. Assistant Professor. Apparel. GEforCD grant to develop an off-campus global learning course that will look at the crafts related to textiles and apparel in the context of Northern Thailand. Jasper's research and curriculum engage with artisan communities across this context with an emphasis on sustainable practices in fashion locally and globally.
  • Peter Tagiuri. Professor. Architecture. GEforCD grant to help support the travel of experts from the Arumjigi organization in Seoul, South Korea to be embedded for a period of time in the Spring 2019 Architecture studio “Modern Korean Home". Through the partnership with Arumjigi, Prof. Tagiuri was able to engage RISD faculty and students with contemporary innovations in traditional craft practices in South Korea across architecture, culinary arts, and the fine arts. In addition, the grant enabled Prof. Tagiuri to engage members of the RISD Alumni community within the course structure.
  • Patricia Johnson. Associate Professor. Furniture. GEforCD grant to research the potential for a WS travel course that will engage RISD students in learning with artisans and craft communities working on micro-manufacturing within the craft sectors of Delhi, Ahmedabad and Rajasthan in India. Patricia’s planning towards this course continues.
  • Paula Gaetano-Adi. Associate Professor. Experimental and Foundation Studies. GEforCD grant to research the potential to create a RISD study-abroad program that questions the western-centric focus and foundation of the field of study abroad and engages students with peer-learning in the context of South America. Paula’s research continues and with the connection to, and support of, EFS Division, Global office, SEI office, among others.
  • Elena Varshavskaya. Senior Lecturer. Theory and History of Art & Design. GEforCD grant to conduct new research on Buddhist sites across North West China in order to be able to engage -as part of her on-campus courses- RISD students with relevant, but rarely seen/studied, objects in the RISD Museum collections.
  • Andrew Robarts. Assistant Professor. HPSS. GEforCD grant to research a potential Wintersession travel course to Morocco to continue to sustain our work in that country and in a way that also expands beyond the current partnership focus on craft. In the meantime, Andrew’s research will feed two current on-campus courses on the Islamic World and Modern Middle East and he hopes will enable him to develop a potential further set of courses: History of Morocco, Islam in Africa, and/or Environmental History of the Middle East.
  • Mary Anne Friel. Associate Professor. Textiles. GEforCD grant to engage RISD students with the “Lightweaver” project, which is an MIT-based research project that looks at the potential for the integration of light and textile design to positively impact refugee communities in the Lebanon.
  • Emanuel Admassu. Assistant Professor. Architecture. GEforCD grant to prepare a course, in collaboration with HPSS, that looked at the Global African City from both within and beyond the continent of Africa. The goal was specifically to prepare the curriculum and the travel component for the course, which ran in Spring semester 2018.
  • John Lauermann. Formerly Assistant Professor. HPSS. GEforCD grant to prepare a course, in collaboration with ARCH, that looked at the Global African City from both within and beyond the continent of Africa.
  • Jonathan Highfield. Professor. Literary Arts & Studies. GEforCD grant to research a potential collaborative course between RISD and the Department of Theatre and Film Studies at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. The research visit also supported Jonathan’s interest in developing curriculum, and a possible off-campus course, that looks at the social and cultural after-effects of slavery in a global context in the arts, theatre, and narrative across Rhode Island, Jamaica, and Ghana.
  • Lucy Spelman. Senior Lecturer. HPSS. GEforCD grant to research issues related to the illegal wildlife trade in countries on the continent of Africa and the impact upon animal/human relations and biodiversity. The grant enabled Lucy to go on to propose and lead a Global Summer Studios course to South Africa in summers 2018 & ‘19.
  • Michelle Charest. Lecturer. Theory and History of Art & Design. GEforCD grant to research craft and women’s agency in the context of contemporary Ireland. The travel informed on-campus courses led by Michelle at RISD.
  • Henry Ferreira. Associate Professor. Printmaking. GEforCD grant to research and develop an off-campus global learning WS course in Cuba. The course took place in WS2017.
  • Winifred Lambrecht. Senior Lecturer. History, Philosophy and Social Sciences (HPSS). GEforCD grant to research and develop an off-campus global learning WS course in Cuba. The course took place in WS2017.
  • Daniel Peltz. Professor. Film, Animation, Video. GEforCD grant to research a possible residency-type program in collaboration with SOMA, Mexico.
  • Brian Shure. Former Assistant Professor. Printmaking. GEforCD grant to research doban the traditional Chinese watercolor woodblock form of printmaking on mainland China. The outcomes included an exhibition at RISD Museum dedicated to this print process, which included instruments and tools used and prints in the RISD Museum Asian art collection made with this technique.
  • Mairéad Byrne. Professor. Literary Arts & Studies. GEforCD grant enabled Mairéad to conduct on-site research in South Korea on her interest in the psycho-pedagogical shifts that occur for male, South Korean students at RISD who conduct their first year in EFS and then return to South Korea for military serve to then return to Sophomore year after two years.The grant informed courses that Mairéad developed and research she continued on this topic and incorporating a new awareness of art and artistic discourse of South Korea.
  • Esther Thyssen. Lecturer. Theory and History of Art & Design. GEforCD grant to develop the research towards a new course, which she realized the following Academic Year, focused on place-based socially engaged artistic projects and practices in the Netherlands and the United States.

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Japan: Ayako Takase
Hokuriku, Japan 2019
Japan: Ayako Takase
Hokuriku, Japan 2019