Tama Art University (Tamabi)

Freedom is a matter of the greatest significance, not least because without it there can be no art. Since its inception, Tama Art University has been dedicated to the pursuit of both freedom and art.
However, the concept of freedom incorporated in the university’s ideology is not a gift, but an obligation. Without exercising strong personal will, freedom is reduced to nothing more than a means to an end. Will creates freedom, and freedom fosters will. This dialectic forms a strong current underlying the activities of Tama Art University.


Global Exchange School
  • Tokyo, Japan

Final dates announced on exchange school's website.

Spring Semester

April — August

Fall Semester

September — January

Open to RISD students

Juniors + Seniors. Minimum 3.0+ GPA required.

Eligible RISD Departments
  • Film/Animation/Video
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration

Exchange Website
University Website
Tama's Application Documents
Fact Sheet
Academic Calendar

Spring Semester Application Deadlines
RISD Deadline: Sep 26, 2019
School Deadline: Sep 30, 2019
Fall Semester Application Deadlines
RISD Deadline: Mar 8, 2020
School Deadline: Mar 31, 2020
Academic Credits
Minimum 12 RISD credit equivalency
Instruction Language
  • Japanese
  • English

Some English instruction

About Tamabi

Program and Course Information

For more information about Textile Design and Graphic Design departments at Tamabi:

Textile Design (English): here

Graphic Design (English): here

The curriculums for courses in both programs are only available in Japanese, as linked below:

Textile Design

Graphic Design

All exchange students can exceptionally participate in all classes of the department or course which the incoming students apply for. However, the students must get permissions from their supervisors and the lecturers of the classes before registering.


There is no specific Japanese language requirement as of February 2020. However, Tamabi strongly recommends that accepted students learn basic skills of Japanese before coming to Tamabi. Almost all of classes are taught in Japanese. English instruction is very limited. With the limitation of Japanese language proficiency, there might be some restrictions when selecting courses.

Housing Information

Tamabi will introduce two real estate agencies when RISD students officially get accepted to Tamabi as an exchange student. The average residence cost for general students at Tamabi (Hachioji campus) is 54,640 yen per a month as of 2016. However, exchange students often spend more than the cost. This is because they basically rent a furnished room. In Japan, furnished room is not so common. Further, they often want to live in a city close to the central Tokyo. Basically, the closer the residence is located to the central, the more expensive the cost is.

Apply for Global Exchange & AICAD

Ready to Apply? Applications for Fall 2020 Global Exchange and AICAD Exchange are now open! Deadlines vary per partner school and are listed on each partner school's page.
If your host school is an Association of Independent Colleges of Art & Design Exchange partner (typically based in North America), apply to RISD Global by March 10.

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1:1 Advising Session

Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for a 1:1 advising session. We can give you more information about your study options, help you figure out which program makes sense for you, and assist you with the application process.

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