Morocco: Clay-in-Context
Providence, RI, USA 2018

Lead a Global Field Trip

Global field trips are travel learning experiences embedded within on-campus studios, courses and seminar taught during Fall and Spring semester. They are led by RISD faculty and promoted through the department offering the course.

The global field trip occurs during Fall or Spring break, and all students registered for the class are required to participate in the travel.

These fall and spring courses and studios have an earlier registration timeline to allow students who are not selected to pursue regular on-campus courses. Additional costs covering all travel expenses must be published at least one semester prior to registration and will be required of students upon their registration for the studio, seminar, or course.

Germany: Advanced Studio - Crystal Clear
Weiden, Germany 2018
Tanzania: Between Content and Container
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania 2018

Past Global Field Trips Courses

Mexico: Un-Wall the Border

Challenging the idea of a ‘border wall’, by and large an abstract line of no thickness whereby only operations such as ‘separating’, ‘crossing’, ‘moving along’, etc. can be performed, the studio will try to expand the two-dimensionality of this notion into a tri-dimensional space.

Tanzania: Between Content and Container Vol. 3

At a moment when our cultural discourse is expounded through polarized media and heightened tribalism, we will be sampling from a series of architectural projects that were generated during the rise of multiculturalism. This studio examines the notion of architecture as the difference between content and container.

France: From Horizontal to Vertical

This Advanced Studio will be interdisciplinary - including the Departments of Interior Architecture (INTAR), Textiles, and Architecture. Students will focus on the articulation of interior acoustical surfaces - the design and prototyping of ceilings and other partitions.

Morocco: Advanced Studio - Pattern | Performance | Clay

This course will focus on the architectural relevance of ceramic craft in the construction of contemporary building components and products, and will study the use of clay through in depth research and a series of hands on experiments.

Germany: Advanced Studio - Crystal Clear

In this tabletop course sponsored by German crystal company Nachtmann, you will have an opportunity to visit glass factories in Germany and Austria to understand and learn directly from the manufacturers.

Of House and Home: Rethinking-Reworking, a Century of Korean Housing 1910-2010

Our Studio we will begin by studying the Hanok, the traditional Korean Home, considered in relation to its surroundings, land and seasons. We will see how House and Garden are an extension of habit, habitus, habitat, a sheltering within the genus loci.

Sweden + Denmark: Beyond Borders - Designing Resiliency for the Urban Landscape

This advanced option studio will address urban vulnerabilities and design strategies for climate adaptation for Providence and Malmö - two cities comparable in scale, location and climate vulnerability. Both are post-industrial port cities with populations between 150 and 300 thousand persons.

Plan a Global Field Trip

  • Consider applying for a Global Engagement for Curricular Development grant to develop your research towards the studio/seminar and travel component.
  • Meet/speak with your department head if you are considering embedding a travel component into a future studio/seminar to assess their interest in supporting this departmental travel initiative.
  • Connect with RISD Global to understand the timeline for proposing and planning a global field trip as part of a studio/seminar for the following academic year, as well as the steps involved in leading a global field trip.
  • Department heads must approve the inclusion of a global field trip into an on-campus course and circulate the course proposal for to the appropriate Dean for final approval and notification to Academic Affairs. Please note: departments follow different practices for these field trips.
  • Once ready, faculty must work with their department head to complete a course proposal form and a draft syllabus (per the syllabus guidelines), itinerary and budget.
Course Proposal Form

Faculty Advising

Have questions? The RISD Global team is available to meet for an advising session to help craft your application.

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France: From Horizontal to Vertical
Boisbuchet, France 2018
Seoul: Of House And Home
Seoul, South Korea 2019